Best 10 Cosplay Costumes Websites (2022)

Cosplaying is a hobby that has become quite popular in recent years.

For those who aren’t aware, cosplaying refers to a practice of dressing up as a character from something like a movie or a video game that you are a fan of.

Many people take cosplaying quite seriously and attend events with other cosplayers around the world and even have competitions to see who can best represent the character of their choice.

Because many of the characters that people cosplay as are from fantasy and fictional franchises, it can be challenging to find the right accessories and clothes to portray such a role accurately.

For this reason, there are lots of online retailers that specialize in selling cosplay costumes and accessories. There are many such shops that you can access.

We have compiled a list of the best 10 cosplay costume websites, based on reviews and testimonials from customers all around the world.

1. Amazon


Amazon is obviously known as an online marketplace for all different kinds of goods.

The size and variety of means that it is an excellent option for finding cosplay costumes as well, as it has a vast range of sellers to choose from.

Customer reviews and feedback can also help you to choose the best option available.

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2. Etsy


Etsy is an online marketplace that is primarily used by people who make their own wares or sell things they find second-hand.

When it comes to cosplaying, Etsy is a great place to find rarer or bespoke costumes and accessories.

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3. eBay


There is a massive range of shops to choose from on eBay, and the feedback and customer service systems help to make sure that you can use the website to find cosplaying costumes and accessories without having to worry about being scammed.

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4. Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper is an online retailer that specializes in selling cosplay costumes and accessories. It is primarily known for its broad range of zentai suits.

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5. Rubie’s Costume Company

Rubies Costume Company

Rubie’s Costume Company has a vast range of costumes with something of a focus on Western/Hollywood films. It also sells costumes for pets.

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6. Cosplay Buzz

Cosplay Buzz

Cosplay Buzz is a great place to shop for cosplay costumes and accessories, but it might be one of the best retailers online for finding cosplay wigs especially. The site has an enormous range of wigs to choose from.

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XCOOS is known for selling costumes that are very high-quality, as well as offering excellent customer service.

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8. Cosplaysky

Cosplaysky’s costumes are intended to be for daily use, which means they are durable and high-quality, and that you can wear them many times before needing to replace or repair them.

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9. Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter is something of a specialist retailer, and it is probably the best place to go for plus-sized costumes, or for outfits that are a little on the sexier side.

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10. Ezcosplay


Ezcosplay is known among the cosplay community as being a fantastic site to use for finding an extensive range of cosplay costumes.

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