Best 10 Websites for Kids in 2022

The internet has profoundly expanded the ways we can learn about and interact with the broader world.

Part of this has been in the ways we can educate children and help them to access information about the environment they grow up in, as well as the countries and cultures outside of their own.

Thanks to the internet, we now also have access to a range of entertaining content for children, which we can use to keep them entertained and stave off boredom.

There is an excellent range of websites available which we can use to access free educational and informative content, which is geared towards children of different ages.

Some of these sites host videos or courses for children on a range of subjects, while others provide entertaining shows made for children.

We have put together a list of 10 of the best websites for kids, based on feedback and testimonials that we have seen from both parents and children from all around the world. 

1. Starfall


Starfall is a site that combines both education and entertainment through their range of games and content based on a variety of core subjects and skills, like maths, reading, and writing.

The games themselves are quite simple and straightforward, with the emphasis being on helping children to learn and develop their skills through the games. 

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2. Funbrain


Funbrain offers content for children at a range of ages and different levels of education. Kids can use Funbrain to play games, watch videos, and read books.

The site is also free, which makes it a fantastic and invaluable tool for families from all different backgrounds.

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3. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic’s Kids site is geared towards older children, probably those aged 10 and up.

This makes it a fantastic supplement to content kids learn when they are in the upper levels of primary school, or when they’re in high school.

The content available is broad and of very high quality, as well as being free.

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4. Young Ocean Explorers

Young Ocean Explorers

Young Ocean Explorers is run by a father and daughter team based in New Zealand.

They produce content of a very high quality, which shows children the incredible world that can be found beneath the surface of the ocean.

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5. NASA Kids’ Club

NASA Kids Club

NASA’s Kids’ Club has a wealth of content based around outer space and space exploration and is suitable for a range of ages.

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6. Shaun the Sheep’s Game Academy

Shaun the Sheeps Game Academy

Shaun the Sheep’s Game Academy hosts games and lessons that help children learn to code.

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7. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works’ content is about as extensive and informative as it could be. This is an excellent site for curious children who want to find out more about the world and how it works.

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8. ABCMouse


ABCMouse is an excellent site for younger kids to learn to develop some fundamental skills like reading and writing.

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9. Discovery Mindblown

Discovery Mindblown

Discovery’s Mindblown site has a broad range of educational and high-quality videos available on a range of subjects.

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10. Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl’s site is designed to supplement school work with extra content that can be accessed and worked through at home.

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