Best 10 Websites to Buy Sneakers in 2022

People go through various pairs of sneakers during their lifetimes. The precise number depends on several factors, but the universal truth is that you must find reliable places to buy them whenever you need a new pair. 

Now that online shopping is so much easier, getting your hands on, and your feet into that new pair of sneakers is a simple task. However, there are so many web-based sneaker selling platforms to choose from, that deciding which is best can be a chore.

Therefore, we decided to compile a list of the 10 best sites you can use to purchase sneakers.

1. Amazon


Amazon is an incredible marketplace that is known for selling just about everything you can think of. The inventory seems never-ending, and the various policies in place to protect buyers come together to create a safe and rewarding sneaker purchase experience.

2. Sole Supremacy

Sole Supremacy

Sole Supremacy has an expansive inventory, which features both standard and limited-edition sneakers. The pricing is typically very competitive, especially when sales roll around.

There are also associated sites for a subscription-based discount sneaker service and a sneaker restoration service.

3. Zappos

zappos screenshot

Zappos is probably the most recognized online shoes store in the US, offering a great selection of sneakers.

Zappos offers a top-notch customer service, free shipping and easy returns, but prices are usually similar to retail prices.

Some discounts can be found on – the cheaper subsidiary of zappos.

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4. Flight Club

Flight club

Flight Club is a sneaker site that has developed a strong reputation over the past 15 years. The site’s stock is sourced from independent sellers, which is the reason that there is such an immense catalog of sneakers available for purchase. 

5. Culture Kings

Culture Kings

Culture Kings is an Australian-based retailer that is surprisingly well-known among those who have a love for sneakers and apparel. Its location has no bearing on its ability to deliver, as even orders made from the United States are fulfilled within a maximum of six business days.

6. Grailed


If you’re looking for an excellent place to purchase both new and vintage shoes, then you may want to have a look at Grailed.

Not only can you purchase new and used sneaker variations, but you also get access to various models that are seemingly not available elsewhere.



The sneakers that you can find on Sneaker Head are as impressive as the website’s design. You can find numerous offerings from top brands throughout the site’s expansive catalog.

One of the cool things about Sneaker Head is that it has a balanced selection of both lifestyle and athletic sneakers.

8. StockX


StockX was not always a sneaker distributor. In fact, it was initially established to attribute accurate aftermarket price tags so highly sought-after sneakers.

Today, however, StockX provides a platform that allows you to purchase these sneakers whenever you desire.



Packer Shoes is approaching 120 of operational time. Even before the web-based storefront existed, this is a sneaker distributor that garnered a vast array of experience in the industry.

Additionally, Packer Shoes consistently displays the ability to adapt to modern trends.

10. GOAT


GOAT is that sneaker seller that operates exclusively online. Depending on your budget and desire, you can purchase a pair of brand-new sneakers, or you can buy a couple of lightly used ones.

Though you can also purchase apparel on the site, there is a clear focus on sneakers. 

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