Best 10 Websites for Learning Languages Free in 2022

If there was ever the time to learn a new language, it is now. People are stuck inside every hour of the day; businesses are closing, meaning that people, for better or for worse, have more free time on their hands than ever before.

Rather than sit around doing nothing, why not spend that time being productive?

To assist you with that, we have ranked the 10 best free websites that you can use to learn a new language right now.

1. Duolingo

How could this not go in number one? Duolingo is completely free to use on all devices, it offers exceptional courses on a large array of different languages, and is always being updated with new content.

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2. LingQ


Lingq comes with a variety of practical video and audio lessons to accompany your theory-based learning and offers courses in most of the world’s leading languages.

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3. Memrise


Memrise is a free language learning platform that also offers premium subscriptions. Memrise has over 200 language courses and has one of the better UIs out of the language learning competition.

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4. Bunpo


We’re cheating a little bit by putting bunpo on this list, but it is sort of a must. Bunpo is an app strictly for learning Japanese that is available on Android and IOS.

Bunpo offers a wide range of hiragana and katakana languages and is one of the best Japanese apps out there.

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5. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open culture has a selection of over 47 languages ready for you on-demand.

It allows you to download the mp3 files of your lessons, giving you a way to practice your language by hearing and speaking it, too.

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6. Bilingua


Bilingua is a language learning software that is completely free for use. It offers a variety of languages, including interactable games, to help reinforce your learning.

Where Bilingua really shines, though, is in matching you up with native speakers in its community to practice based on your skill level.

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7. Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Mango languages is not for the faint of heart and is a rather old-school way of learning a language compared to the other entries on this list. Access to the service is $20 dollars per month, but free if you have a library card.

‘Mango Languages’ is a film orientated language learning software that falls behind its competitors when it comes to engaging content, but It makes up for that in the quality of its lessons.

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8. Learn a Language

Learn a Language

Learn a language is a rather interesting entry to this list. Unlike the others, this website was developed by the U.S. Institute of Languages.

With that level of backing comes a certain level of quality from the learning service.

‘Learn a Language’ is perfect for those who don’t want to be fluent in a foreign language but do want to know the basics for, say, going on holidays.

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9. Babbel


A lot of language learning sites and apps out there dive into the intricacies of their language once the basics are covered; however, sometimes, you just want to learn the basics and nothing more.

That’s what makes babble so great; it teaches you the basics of your chosen language without bombarding you with complicated information.

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10. Busuu


Peer-to-peer learning can be invaluable when it comes to learning a new language, and while it’s hard to come by, there are websites and apps that offer it. That’s the role that Busuu fills.

Busuu is a free service with a premium option and offers a few select classes in an online classroom like environment.

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