Best 10 Investing Websites in 2022

Investing is an exciting experience, but it is also one that is synonymous with a high level of risk. Therefore, investors need access to all the resources and tools that they can get their hands on.

Investment sites are beneficial in this regard, as you get access to various resources, recommendations, and information that can drive your game to the next level as an investor. This list that we have compiled consists of the best 10 websites for your investment endeavors. 

1. The Motley Fool

Motley Fool

Don’t let the word “fool” in the name get to you. This platform is a premium site offering that has been making successful investors for at least a decade and a half. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor is an end-to-end tool that takes you from beginner to expert, and it consistently provides you with the insights you need for success. 

2. Investopedia


As the name Investopedia implies, this site is truly an encyclopedia for all things related to investing. The database of information on Investopedia is incredibly massive. This pool of data complements the various metrics, news articles, and investment simulator is advantageous.

3. MarketWatch

Market watch

You have the Wall Street Journal to thank for the existence of MarketWatch. There are numerous aspects of the site, such as news, companies, topics, podcasts, etc., that come together to help you ensure that you make the best possible investment decisions.

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4. Stock Rover

Stock Rover

For those who want a comprehensive research platform packed with powerful tools, Stock Rover is a solid choice. The kind of resources, insights, and metrics that you get access to on the site are available almost nowhere else.

5. Seeking Alpha


Seeking Alpha is another fantastic option for those looking for a lucrative investment resource. The general statistics are present on the site, as are a slew of articles and the latest news.

Additionally, however, Seeking Alpha also gives you access to book resources, stock ideas, strategies, and even informative podcasts. 

6. Morningstar

Morning Star

If you’re looking for a versatile investment website, then look no further than Morningstar. Apart from providing you with current metrics and news, the site also has features that help you to plan for investments and monitor your investment portfolio.

 Morningstar also has a paid premium option, for those who want access to even better tools.

7. Barron’s


Barron’s is a top-tier investment-based publication that is used by professionals as much as newer investors use it. The site gets consistent updates with the latest market insights.

The daily updates are also complemented by weekly recommendations to keep you profiting as much as is possible.

8. Investing – Dummies


This website is the investment arm of Therefore, you should expect the site’s traditional simplistic style, which makes the information understandable for all. 

Investing for Dummies is a superb resource to get yourself acquainted with investment concepts and requirements for your journey.

9. Google finance

Google Finance

Many people don’t even realize that this one exists. Google Finance is a free platform that provides you with a labyrinth of information for stock research.

It’s also consistently populated with the most recent investment-related articles.

10. Cnbc


Upon seeing CNBC here, you’re probably thinking of the cable TV channel. If you are, then you are right on the money. Statistically, CNBC is the most heavily watched investment news channel. 

You could watch it to gather random information, or you could visit the CNBC website, and gain access to all the information you need on demand. 

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