Best 10 Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2022

It is becoming increasingly common for people to work as freelancers. This is true for a variety of reasons. Many people feel that freelancing offers them more freedom than they would have working with a company and for a boss.

It is also often common when freelancing to work from home, which means much greater freedom than one might find working at an office.

There are many different fields where it might be possible to freelance. Freelancing is especially prevalent within the creative industries but is also becoming an increasingly common pursuit for people within the tech industries as well. Working as a freelance coder is becoming more and more common, for example.

One issue that freelancers often run into is that it is difficult for them to find clients. An advantage of working with a steady employer is that this is generally done for you, and your primary responsibility is to complete the tasks you are assigned.

However, as a freelancer, you also have to find your work. Fortunately, several websites have been designed for people to find freelance work, which makes the process much easier than before. We have chosen 10 for this list, based on the testimonials and feedback of freelance workers from around the world.

1. Upwork

Upwork is perhaps the best-known of the freelancer websites. Here, freelancers and clients can create posts about work they need to be fulfilled, or that they are looking for.

Freelancers can create detailed profiles that explain their competencies and send proposals to prospective clients.

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr allows freelancers to host completed work as a form of a portfolio, which enables clients to choose the freelancer best-suited to their project to work with.

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3. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a job search database that allows the user to search for freelancer’s work near them. It also offers free help with resume creation.

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4. Toptal

Toptal focusses on helping clients hire the most accomplished freelancers within any field.

Freelancers must pass a rigorous testing process in order to be able to work with Toptal.

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5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour makes it quick and easy to find freelancers and clients. Freelancers have a rating, so this can help you stand out to clients if you do consistently good work.

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6. Crowded

Crowded is an AI platform that aims to match the most suitable freelancers with projects and companies looking for workers.

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7. Aquent

Aquent is a firm that hires freelancers mainly within the creative industries.

The company primarily works with freelancers who have a substantial amount of professional experience within their field.

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8. The Creative Group

The Creative Group offers a job search platform, geared mainly towards freelancers in the creative industries. Once you upload your resume, you can begin to look for work.

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9. Nexxt

www.nexxt .com

Nexxt has a popular job posting service and allows users to refine their searches, based on a much higher range of criteria than conventional job sites.

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10. 99 Designs .uk

99 Designs is a website for designers to find design work and give them access to an extensive range of clients.

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