Best 10 Medical Alert Systems (2022)

Technological developments affect our lives in so many ways. There are constantly new technologies and devices being developed, which can make things more comfortable and more convenient for us. However, technology can also be used to make life safer and more secure for some.

There are some members of our society who are vulnerable in some way due to medical conditions. It can be difficult for them to complete regular tasks and live independently, as they often need to be supervised and assisted with such things.

This can give people the sense that they need to depend on others, and it can be frustrating for some who wish to live independently.

Fortunately, one can use a medical alert device to help people to live more independently. In this way, they can have the device at hand if they need it, without needing to have someone around them at all times.

It can also be a good idea to have one of these devices for those who may be at higher risk of injury or health concerns, but who do not wish to live in a medical facility. This is a list of the best 10 medical alert devices.

1. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian

The Medical Guardian alert system is designed for older adults who are not able to leave their homes.

Medical Guardian offers a watch option, which can be more comfortable and convenient than bulkier devices.

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2. One Call Alert

One Call Alert

One of the more sophisticated systems available, the One Call Alert system supports GPS location services, which can be useful if the person using the device needs emergency help outside of the home.

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3. Medical Alert

Medical Alert

The Medical Alert system is one of the more affordable ones on the market, and activation of the device is also free.

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4. MobileHelp


More suited to those with active lifestyles, the MobileHelp device has a very long battery life at 30 hours.

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5. LifeFone


LifeFone offers both at-home and portable, mobile options for its devices. The battery is also intended to last for 30 days.

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6. HelpButton


The HelpButton system has both GPS and WiFi-enabled, which makes it an especially reliable option for those who might be concerned about their system maintaining its connection in case of emergency.

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7. Life Alert

Life Alert

Life Alert has a center that monitors all its customers, which makes its device a particularly safe option.

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8. GetSafe


GetSafe offers both video monitoring and a two-way talk system, which helps its customers feel secure and taken care of.

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9. Lively Mobile Plus

Lively Mobile Plus

The Lively Mobile Plus device has fall detection, which means the device alerts an agent if a customer has fallen and is not able to press the alert button.

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10. ADT Health

ADT Health

The ADT Health system is simple and straightforward to use, making it a good option for those who want a no-frills device to help keep them safe in case of an emergency.

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