Best 10+ Soccer / Football Websites (2022)

Best 10 Websites

Soccer (also known in most of the world as football) is the world’s most popular sport, so it is no wonder that there are thousands of websites devoted to football, in every language under the sun.

English speakers are particularly richly served, as they can access 24/7 coverage and stats of all the major leagues, clubs and players, including in-depth analysis, transfers rumors and gossip.

With such a plethora of sites from which to choose, narrowing this list can be down is difficult, especially when many use catchy headlines as clickbait to try and attract users and followers.

Here, though, is a list of sites that are always good sources of information when it comes to soccer.

1. Goal

Goal is a renowned football website that provides regular coverage in the developments in soccer from across the world.

Not only can visitors find the usual match reports and results, previews, and injury updates, but the site also offers a comprehensive selection of league tables, live scores, and betting predictions.

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2. BBC

bbc football

Always an excellent starting point for any story, the BBC can be relied on for the accuracy of its reporting, its match reports, live coverage, and more analytical longer pieces.

Its gossip column is also a good guide for those transfer rumors and stories that have an element of veracity to them, and have not been planted by an agent, or a club.

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3. Sky Sports

sky football

Sky sports football is the arm of their sports channels, that provides 24/7 coverage of all the breaking stories in football, as well as online videos from players, managers, and commentators.

It is especially popular with soccer fans in the UK and beyond as transfer deadline day approaches, as it is often the first site to break the news of a last-minute switch between clubs.

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espn soccer

The official website of ESPN provides general sports coverage, including soccer.

It contains match previews, reports on games, latest football news, transfer gossip and much more.

ESPN is regarded as a reliable source for breaking stories.

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5. The Guardian

the guardian football

The Guardian, one of the biggest newspaper groups in the UK, provides extensive daily coverage on soccer, including match previews and reports, injury updates, player, and coach interviews and more.

The Guardian has an excellent team of writers who often provide excellent analysis of soccer events that delve deeper into underlying issues than many of their competitors.

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6. Calciomercato


For those interested in Italian football and Serie A, Calciomercato should be a must.

Coverage includes match reports, previews, injury updates, transfer information, and a whole host of other news.

Published in Italian but translated into English.

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7. Transfermarkt

transfer markt football

Transfermarkt is particularly helpful when it comes to providing information about players and clubs.

For those who want to know how much a club actually paid for a player, or how long he has on his current contract, this is the place to go. It also has some of the most current transfer predictions.

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8. Talksport


Talksport is an adjunct to the radio shows and provides daily articles covering everything from match results, interviews, opinion pieces and football award ceremonies.

Visitors to the site also get the opportunity to listen to one of their entertaining podcasts.

Although they also publish transfer rumors, these are often recycled from other news channels.

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9. The Athletic

the athletic

Established little more than a year ago, the Athletic has assembled a collection of some of the finest soccer writers in the UK like David Ornstein, Rafa Honigstein, Amy Lawrence, and Michael Cox.

The Athletic is especially recommended for those who enjoy longer-read pieces and in-depth analysis.

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10. FourFourTwo


There is nothing about football that FourFourTwo does not cover – news articles, opinion pieces, quizzes, tutorials on diets, training, tactics and apparel, FIFA, Football Manager video games, transfer rumors and even live streaming links.

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11. The Times

the times football

The Times and the Sunday Times remain two of the most respected publications in the UK. “If it appears in The Times then it must be true”.

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12. The Telegraph

the telegraph football

Another respectable newspaper, The Telegraph is renowned for the quality of its match reporting, and also the reliability of its source when it comes to transfer rumors.

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13. NewsNow

news now football

NewsNow is a soccer news aggregator, providing headlines and links to the latest soccer news from national and international sources.

The same story may be covered several different times as it appears in various sources.

NewsNow does not attempt to “qualify” the stories that it covers.

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14. Footie Central

footie central

Footie Central is a relatively new site aimed primarily at Premier League news, but it has already attracted a loyal following.

Primarily known for its daily transfer rumors, it also offers longer articles on football rivalries, and famous quotes from players, managers, and experts.

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