Best 9 NBA Live Streaming Sites for Watching Basketball

With the possibility of the basketball season beginning as early as December 2020 or January 2021, it is the perfect time to figure out what streaming sites are best to watch the NBA action.

Some of these options are free, some are expensive, some are high quality, while some are extremely low quality. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about streaming some NBA games, but the ten options are not in any particular order.

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Almost every sport has a company run streaming service, and this is the one for the NBA. This is certainly the most reliable and professional, as well as some of the highest quality that you can find.

Although with this high production comes high production costs and you can only watch NBA games through this service. So with the limited options for a higher price, it may not be worth it in the end.

2. Redditstreams

Reddit 1

Reddit is a popular option amongst people who are looking for a free streaming service. Not only is it great for NBA games, but they have any other sports you can imagine all for free.

With so many users, there is almost any NBA game on a given night. Although you must be careful and use only safe options, so nobody else could hack your computer or information.

Overall, Reddit is a solid source with a huge variety of games, but you must careful with safeguarding your information.

3. YouTube TV

Youtube TV 1

This is another great streaming service, but with limited NBA games. There certainly are NBA games on this service from time to time but not very often even though the video quality is high.

You must pay for this service but you get a lot more than just NBA games, so that is certainly worth the investment. It is also a growing service with lots of room for potential. Overall, YouTube TV is another solid streaming service but does not show that many NBA games.

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4. fuboTV

FuboTV is a new streaming service, with a lot of potential and upside for growth. Not only does it provide the user with the potential to view NBA games, but it also allows for customers to watch many other sports and genres too.

This is a great, cheap substitute for cable if you are trying to cut back on some of your monthly bills. In the end, fuboTV is pretty much just another option to be aware of.

5. SlingTV

SlingTV is an excellent option and is certainly the selection for most bang for your buck. It is a younger streaming service which helps keep it cheap, and still offers a lot outside of the NBA even for this low price.

With a monthly price that is a third of the average cable price, and as much variety as standard cable it is no wonder why this streaming service has grown in popularity. Be on the lookout for SlingTV in the future, as it is a solid streaming service to watch the NBA.

6. ESPN 5 Player


This streaming service is certainly one of the older ones, but that does not mean that it is the best. Since ESPN only has the rights to NBA games on a weekly basis, you may only be able to watch one or two games a week through this service.

In addition, you must use your cable or Hulu log in to use the WatchESPN app, so it is really just the extension of another streaming service. So you can use this service from time to time, but it is not the best out of the ten.   

7. FOX Sports GO

Fox Sports Go 1

Similar to WatchESPN above, Fox Sports Go relies on the log in information of your cable provider, so it is not a substitute for cable. Although it is a solid app and is a great option for watching the NBA on the go.

It also usually hosts all of the March Madness games if you are a college basketball fan too. Although it also is dependent on whenever Fox Sports has the rights to a NBA game, so it is not extremely reliable. Overall, it is a solid live streaming service when you are on the go.

8. Hulu

Hulu Tv 1

Hulu TV is a super reliable option with a huge variety of genres besides the NBA, but it also one of the most expensive options out of the ten. This is much more designed to be a cable substitute than it is an additional app for streaming.

It does include an app, but the entire package comes with a high price. Hulu is a great option to watch the NBA, if you are looking to replace a lot of other genres as well.

9. AT&T TV Now

This streaming service is not as reliable or special, because the company’s sole focus is not television but cell phone service instead. It is more a second hand streaming service for the company to get a little extra income.

AT&T TV Now is not something that I would recommend for you to purchase to stream NBA games.

Now that we have listed out all options, it is time to suggest the worst and best. AT&T TV Now is the worst option, because of its limited games and variety.

Although the best option would be SlingTV, because of its extremely low prices and ability to watch the NBA games as well as many other genres. Although there are many other options and each individual’s situation is different, these are the general recommendations.

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