The Best Live Football Streaming Websites

When it comes to watching live football today, it isn’t too tough to find quality places to view the game. Streaming sport has become easy in many sports, including football.

Pick the right website, and you can find that your streaming is about to become far less stressful. Where, though, should you start?

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1. HesGoal

Though by no means renowned for amazing quality streams, Hesgoal is pretty damn consistent. You will find plenty of decent streams on Hesgoal, though it does tend to only cover the most prominent matches of the day.

So, if you are looking for a stream for a relegation battle in the Polish Ekstraklasa, you might be out of luck on Hesgoal!

The site, though, is easy to navigate, comes with plenty of streams, and is usually well maintained. You should have no problem in finding streams for major live football matches through Hesgoal. It’s a good, high quality site that ensures you get plenty of coverage for the sport.

It’s a good starting place for various reasons, not least because it has a good enough selection of games from the major leagues. Streams are usually steady and should be good enough for the average viewing experience.

You might miss some of the crisper HD streams that you find elsewhere, but the quality of the viewing experience is good enough to ensure that you can actively enjoy the match in some form of quality. Not perfect, but more than good enough.


Similar to the excellent Hesgoal, you might just find that Bosscast is a good starting place for you to take a look at streaming sites.

This is a mostly Flash-based site that should make it easy for you to stream the big football matches. Simply click on the little football – or any other sport you want to watch, really – and you should find match listings with times for kick-off.

Then, you just need to choose the game that you want to watch and go from there. It’s a useful enough tool, giving you enough variety in links to make sure you can find a decent enough little stream to start using.

Bosscast might not provide you with the HD quality that you would hope for, but it always offers enough variety in streams to make sure you don’t have to miss too much of the action.

If your aim is to try and find live football streaming websites that make it easy to flip from game to game, then this definitely one to think about including as part of your selection. A good, all-around option for sports fans and football fans looking for something a little different.

3. Reddit

The Reddit Soccer Streams section has been up and down over the years, with it regularly being shut down. However, it is one of the most reliable places to look for when you are trying to find good quality football streams that are more likely to be HD or close to HD.

Many of the streams are also aimed at using tools such as Acestream, so you can get an even crisper quality of stream without quite so much interference.

In terms of stream selection and quality, Reddit appears to be among the best places to find quality football streams. The problem that some have with the site is that when it is taken down, it can take a few weeks for it to re-appear.

So, while this is often the go-to choice for a lot of football viewers when the site is active, don’t rely on it being your sole go-to streaming site.

The number of times that it is taken down and is down for a period of time can mean you are waiting a fair amount of time to use it again. When it is available, though, you can absolutely benefit from using Reddit Soccer Streams.

4. LiveTV

LiveTV is one of the most popular sites of its nature in the entire industry, making watching football from across the leagues so much easier.

It uses P2P technology which helps to improve the quality of a stream, all the while ensuring you can stream games from just about any major league.

Unlike other streaming options, you will find it easy to locate everything from major to minor leagues. You can often find more obscure leagues from across the non-European sector, too helping you to tap into games from tournaments like the AFC Champions League and the like.

However, even if you just like to focus on the big five leagues and watch the best football, you should have no problem doing so through this site.

They make access to the best quality sporting entertainment on the box so much simpler, helping you to get the best viewing experience possible every time that you use their platform. A good, all-around streaming system that makes it easy for you to get P2P connections that are reliable and crisp.

5. VIP League

Another good starting place for most people would be the excellent VIPLeague. VIPLeague has become very popular for various reasons, not least because it is so easy to use. Simply visit the site, choose the sport of your choice, and pick a game from the massive list of events available.

When you click on a title, a dropdown menu appears showing you links to all of the streams that they have access to.

You might have heard of VIPLeague or one of its many sister sites in the likes of VIPBox, VIPRow and VIPLeagues. Each offers an excellent place to add to your list of live football streaming websites.

They might not have the sheer variety of smaller leagues that some of the other recommendations offer, but you should still get ample value for your time and money with the help of this.

This is why we highly recommend that you take a look at VIPLeague. It’s a good, effective choice that should absolutely minimise your time spent looking for a matchday stream.

VIPLeague covers most of the major leagues, and the odd match-up in smaller leagues that might involve two big clubs, such as the Scottish Glasgow Derby.

6. Cricfree

Another useful addition to your collection of live football streaming websites, though, would be Cricfree.

This is a tremendous starting place; a top quality sports streaming service that is certain to help you enjoy sports events from across the wider sporting world. It helps to give you enough choice and selection in football, with most of the major leagues covered.

They also provide you with direct TV access to premium channels, making it easy to dive in on the big games and get all of the best commentary and punditry on the big matches. It’s a great way for you to watch some of the best sports of the day in a safe, high(ish) quality stream.

It has a high and well-respected name within the industry with good reason: a reliable, excellent place to start for streaming when you are focused on watching the match as opposed to crystal-clear clarity.

7. SportLemon

For football fans, though, another good choice would be to add SportLemon to your collection of live football streaming websites.

SportLemon is a quality place to get all of your live sports streaming managed through, a reliable place that allows for you to easily gather sports streaming videos from some of the best sources on the web.

They also cover other major sports, so you can get your varied sporting fix through this one particular series of links without any issue. One thing to note, too, is the interface is fast, friendly for mobile devices, and easy to navigate even when ads are appearing.

For most sports fans who are just looking for a simple and stress free solution for their sporting entertainment, this would make an obvious choice to look at. It’s a solid, reliable choice that should absolutely make your sports watching experience even more entertaining.

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